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Knauf Insulation Earthwool Acoustic Roll 100mm

by Knauf
SKU 06IG10485
Designed specifically for sound insulation of residential building elements such as internal walls, internal floors and separating floors, as well as commercial partitions where compliance with acoustic regulations is required. Earthwool Acoustic Rolls are non-combustible Glass Mineral Wool rolls, manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® Technology and are specialist sound insulating products for use in new build and retrofit internal wall and floor applications. APPLICATION
Internal Walls and Floors, Separating floors MATERIAL
Glass Mineral Wool BENEFITS
  • Non-combustible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire
  • classification
  • Excellent sound absorption characteristics
  • Friction fitting between studs
  • Proven test results with all major brands of
  • plasterboard to provide assured compliance with
  • sound related building regulations.
  • Manufactured density meets the requirements outlined within relevant sound related building regulations.
  • Roll format allows fast installation